Detecting, recruiting, retaining, training and managing international talent: Majorelle Mobility will help you meet the challenges of professional immigration and help you opt for a residence and work permit that combines legal security and flexibility in a globalized working world.

Majorelle Mobility’s lawyers assist you in the procedures for obtaining residence permits and work permits for your employees and inform you of the administrative costs related to these procedures (OFII tax): Talent Passport, hiring young foreign graduates in France, service providers, entrepreneurs, liberal professions, artistic and cultural professions, etc. We will assist you with applications for renewal of residence permits and work permits or in case of change of status + Obtaining the Talent Passport, for the recruitment of international talent:

  • / qualified employees / innovative companies
  • / employees on assignment within an international group
  • / researchers
  • / European blue card for highly qualified employees
  • / company founders
  • / economic investors
  • / employees justifying innovative economic projects
  • / corporate officers
  • / employees of international renown in the scientific, literary, artistic, intellectual, educational or sports fields
  • / performers or authors of literary or artistic works, whether salaried or not

/ Issuance of long-stay visas equivalent to a residence permit (“VLS/TS”) with the mention “young professional” (a system implemented under bilateral agreements between France and 17 signatory countries for young people between 18 and 35 years old with diplomas or professional experience corresponding to the position offered in France), and assistance in changing status for the hiring of young foreign graduates in France.

/ Issuance of short-stay visas for business trips or to enable the holder to come to France to follow short training courses, participate in internships or conferences, company meetings, etc.

/ Introduction of “employee” for the recruitment of employees under local contracts, not eligible for the European Blue Card procedure.

/ Posting of employees and intra-group mobility:

Secondment within the framework of international services, for employees who are required to carry out an assignment within the framework of a commercial contract with a French entity.

Recruitment or intra-community secondment, during temporary missions of resources from the European Union to France

Intra-group mobility – ICT – to carry out a senior management mission or a high-level expertise or to carry out an internship

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