International recruitment is a crucial step for a company wishing to bring in employees from abroad to overcome a shortage of manpower or skills for strategic positions in France or to integrate foreign talent into its teams in a particular field of activity.

While recruiting a European Union national is relatively easy, since workers can move freely without the need to obtain a work permit to join a company in France, the task is often more difficult when it comes to hiring a non-European foreign worker. In this case, a work permit or a specific residence permit must be obtained before bringing the foreign worker to France.

Majorelle Mobility assists you in framing your international recruitments in advance. We can work with recruitment agencies specialized in international recruitment, depending on your fields of activity (luxury goods, scientific research, higher education, industry, services, public works, etc.) and the profile you are looking for (level of diploma, languages spoken, “soft skills” required for a successful mobility, etc.).

We help you to prepare for mobility in advance, in conjunction with HR managers in the country of origin and in the French company: identification of the type (technical expertise, management, management of support functions or at headquarters) and size of the position (number of employees, budget to be managed), cost evaluation, information on the immigration process in conjunction with the OFII (the French Office of Immigration and Integration), embassies and “Direccte” (the french labor inspectorate body), on prior health constraints or on the obligation for the foreign worker to follow a republican integration program, etc.

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